77 percent believe Iraq going poorly, CBS poll to reveal
Nick Juliano
Published: Friday June 29, 2007
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A CBS poll to be reported tonight finds a record high number of Americans who say the war in Iraq is going poorly and a record low number who approve of President Bush, according to a draft of the poll obtained by RAW STORY.

The poll found the highest-ever percentage of Americans -- 77 percent -- who say the war in Iraq is going badly. Just 52 percent of Republicans continue to hold on to the idea that the war is going at least somewhat well, while 90 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of independents say it is going poorly.

Two-thirds of Americans want to decrease or remove US troops from Iraq, according to the poll, and 51 percent of Americans think our occupation is creating more terrorists.

President Bush's approval rating slips to its lowest rating in the new poll, to 27 percent. That make's him less popular that his Vice President Dick Cheney, who had a 28 percent approval rate in the new poll.

The poll also shows that in the 18-person race for president, a sizable portions of Americans are looking for somebody else.

Dissatisfaction among voters with their party's candidates is twice as prevalent among Republicans as Democrats, but a majority of the population says the country needs a third political party, according to the CBS poll to be reported tonight.

Horse race results in the poll are typical. Hillary Clinton holds a 48-24 lead among Democratic primary voters over rival Barack Obama, and Giuliani tops McCain 42-26 among Republicans. The poll found that Fred Thompson could dramatically shake up the race.

Thompson would begin a race with 22 percent support, much of which would come from Giuliani. And the CBS poll found 61 percent of Republicans were hoping another candidate would join the race.

The poll found that 53 percent of Americans -- especially political independents -- thought the US needed a third political party, but people had not yet formed an opinion on the man most likely to mount an independent presidential bid, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. More than six in 10 people said they had not heard enough about Bloomberg to form an opinion on him.

CBS surveyed 836 adults nationwide June 26-28 for the poll, which had a 3 point margin of error.

The full poll is now available here.