House Progressive leaders sign on to Cheney impeachment motion
Michael Roston
Published: Friday June 8, 2007
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The co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have signed on to Articles of Impeachment introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman who is seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for President in 2008. But a staff-member of one of the Congress members tells RAW STORY that the move comes only in their personal capacity.

"I don't know of any effort to whip members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to back the impeachment resolution," said a spokesman for Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), who is a co-chair of the CPC.

Blogger and pro-impeachment activist David Swanson reported at his website Friday that Woolsey and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), who also co-chairs the caucus, have signed on to the articles, which accuse Vice President Dick Cheney of misleading the American public to help push for the Iraq War, in addition to other charges.

In addition to Lee and Woolsey, four other Members of Congress have backed Kucinich's push for impeachment: Reps. Yvette Clarke, Jan Schakowsky, William Lacy Clay, and Albert Wynn.

Although the number of backers of the impeachment resolution have grown, it continues to appear that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) had no plans to schedule hearings on the articles in the House Judiciary Committee, where they were referred after their introduction in the House.