Huckabee blames Bill Clinton for release of rapist-murderer
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday November 1, 2007
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Republican president candidate Mike Huckabee has recently come under fire from the conservative American Spectator magazine for having secured the parole in 1997, while he was governor of Arkansas, of a rapist who then murdered a woman.

"Governors don't parole anybody," Huckabee insisted to Fox News. He went on to blame the two Democrats who immediately preceded him in the Arkansas governor's office, saying, "The people who made that decision were all appointees of Jim Guy Tucker and Bill Clinton, who, in fact, commuted his sentence and made him parole eligible."

At the time, many Republicans were campaigning for leniency for convicted rapist Wayne DuMond, claiming that he had been railroaded in his original sentencing because the rape victim was a distant relative of then-Governor Clinton. Huckabee had met with DuMond's wife, expressed his intention of seeing the man set free, and shortly after becoming governor spoke privately with the parole board, which granted parole two months later.

Huckabee now says that he does not recall what he said to the parole board, but that he had changed his mind about DuMond and was attempting to deny clemency at the time the parole was granted.

Huckabee also suggested to Fox that the Spectator is reviving the controversy now for purely partisan reasons. "I'm not the darling of every conservative," he stated. "Some of them don't like it that I'm actually out there talking about the importance of conservation. ... I'm not a Wall Street Republican."

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on November 1, 2007.