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'' to fetch big bucks in eBay auction

Published: Friday January 19, 2007
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A sale on eBay of a URL that will attract the strongest detractors of President George W. Bush could fetch a savvy investor a heavy return tomorrow. As of this afternoon, the going cost in an auction of '' is up to more than $25,000.

The auction of the internet address '' will take its last bid on January 20th. With 50 bids recorded, the highest is $25,100. The seller claims that the address gets heavy hits without ever having been used as a developed website. Statistics presented on the eBay page claim close to 4 million searches via Yahoo, and more than 1.5 million on Google.

But does the bidder who is shelling out so much for the website want it for profit, or to hold it for political reasons? Bidder 17 raised the price by $200 after Bidder 25 escalated $20,000 beyond any earlier pitch for the URL. Unfortunately, the identities of the high bidders is not known.

Also for sale at eBay are similarly-themed domains and