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Iranian Holocaust foundation demands documents on Jewish massacre

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Tuesday February 6, 2007

Tehran- The so-called Holocaust Foundation of Iran demanded
from Austria, Germany and Poland that they submit documents related
to the massacre of Jews during the Second World War, state news
agency IRNA reported Tuesday.
The head of the Foundation, Mohammad-Ali Ramin, told IRNA that the
documents were needed for the "fact-finding commission" to clarify
the real extent of the Holocaust and the number of Jewish victims.

The fact-finding commission was formed during a Holocaust
conference in Tehran last December, which had been attended by
controversial historians challenging the extent of the mass killings
of Jews by the German Nazi regime.

The conference had prompted widespread international criticism,
and Ramin is well-known for his anti-Semitic standpoints and
sympathies for neo-Nazi groups. He has however no official position
in Iran's political system.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had branded the Holocaust as a
"fairy tale" and demanded the relocation of Israel to either Europe
or America.

Ahmadinejad had not attended the Holocaust conference in Tehran
but welcomed the formation of the fact-finding commission at a
reception of the participants.

Ahmadinejad had blamed the West for allegedly prohibiting any
investigation into the Holocaust, while accepting insults against
Muslim Prophet Mohammed in form a cartoons as part of freedom of

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