Iraqi higher education minister survives assassination attempt

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday January 24, 2007

Baghdad- Iraq's higher education minister survived an
attempt on his life where, according to a ministry spokesman, armed
men attacked his convoy, killing his personal guard and wounding
Abd Ziyab al-Ojeily was attacked in southern Baghdad.

Unknown armed men had hidden in a bush to the side of a highway
near Dawra district, and according to the spokesman, Bassel al-
Khatib, the men immediately opened fire as the minister's procession
passed by.

The armed men and al-Ojeily's guards reportedly exchanged fire.
One of al-Ojeily's bodyguards was shot down while the other was
"seriously" wounded.

The minister survived the assassination attempt unscathed.

It was not clear whether the attackers suffered injuries. However,
according to the ministry's report, they were not caught.

"It is a cowardly terrorist attack," al-Khatib said.

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