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Iraqi official: There is 'no solid evidence that Iran is supporting al Qaeda in Iraq'; Iran 'does not mind' a US victory in Iraq
David Edwards and Josh Catone
Published: Sunday February 25, 2007
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Iraqi Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie was a guest on Sunday morning's broadcast of CNN Late Edition. Responding to a clip of US Lt. General Ray Odierno telling members of the press on Thursday that the US believes the Iranian Quds Force has been involved in "training and possibly providing funding and potentially weapons" to armed groups operating within Iraq, al-Rubaie told host Wolf Blitzer, "We do not have any solid evidence that Iran is supporting al Qaeda in Iraq."

"What about Shiite militias?" Blitzer pressed.

"Well, there were some evidence that they were supporting some group, some militia group, Shia group, in Iraq, and there is no doubt in my mind and there are so many evidence for this that they recently in the last few weeks, they have changed their position, and they stopped a lot of their tactics and a lot of intervention or interference in the Iraqi internal affairs," answered al-Rubaie. "They have also advised some of their allies in the Iraqi political arena to change their position on supporting the government."

This is a stark contrast to the position that Bush administration has been advancing in recent weeks. As RAW STORY reported, President Bush said as little as 11 days ago that he was certain "the Quds Force, a part of the Iranian government, has provided ... sophisticated IEDs that have harmed [US] troops."