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Daily Show: Maybe Marvel supervillains fight in White House destroyed emails
David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Tuesday April 17, 2007
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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart poked fun at the controversy surrounding the White House's admission that more than five million emails may be missing, even though officials had been warned in memos and briefings not to delete anything.

Stewart understood why White House officials may have been using multiple email accounts, since many Americans also use at least two to separate their "regular mail" from their "porn."

"Imagine five million emails," Stewart said, "imagine if you printed up all those emails. It would take you weeks to shred them."

Stewart also advised Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino to "kill that part of you that isn't dead yet," since she seems too "nice" in comparison to other press secretaries who would never admit "We screwed up" as she did the other day.

According to the faux news show's 'Senior Technology Correspondent' Jason Jones, the question isn't really how does an administration delete five million emails but, instead, "How does it not?"

Jones also demonstrated how the deletions could have been caused easily if someone had been trying to swat a mosquito.

In another "classic scenario," Marvel Comic supervillains Electro and Magneto may have been locked in "mortal combat" in the White House server room. "Caught in the crossfire," Jones theorized, may have been "otherwise perfectly subpoenable electromagnetically erased data."

The following video clips are from Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart.