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Jon Stewart: 'Ottoman-humping gigolos ruin troop morale'
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Wednesday May 16, 2007
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Commenting on a new military policy that bans US troops in Iraq access to Web sites like MySpace and YouTube, Daily Show host Jon Stewart said the policy prevents "our fighting men from seeing the un-horrors of not-war."

Stewart showed a popular YouTube clip of several young men simulating sex on pieces of furniture.

"Because if there's one thing we don't want our fighting boys exposed to, it's guys their age with enough time on their hands to do this," Stewart said before playing the clip. "Ottoman-humping gigolos! You're ruining troop morale!"

Stewart played a CNN clip of a commentator explaining the policy as preventing troops from using their work computers for something that isn't work.

"Yeah, stop f--king around at work, guys who are involuntarily extended tours in the Sunni Triangle of death," Stewart said. "Here's the thing, if you spend most of your day actually sweeping for mines, I think you can play a little Minesweeper when you're done."