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Jon Stewart: Report provided 'scientific basis for irrational discomfort around gay people'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday July 18, 2007
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"I'm not a fan of personal vendetta gotcha-style politics," said Jon Stewart on Tuesday's Daily Show. "But there can be exceptions. Take Louisiana Senator David Vitter ... who came to prominence in the 90's demanding President Clinton's impeachment for the Monica Lewinsky affair. Well, it seems the condom is on the other foot."

"Last week, Vitter became the highest profile john implicated in the DC Madam scandal-gate," Stewart explained. "Kind of reminds you of the old saying, 'The only thing I trust less than a Louisiana senator sleeping with a hooker is one that isn't.'"

"But obviously there are bigger fish to fry," continued Stewart, showing a clip of former Surgeon General Richard Carmona saying, "I was invited to speak at the special Olympics overseas, in Japan. That was denied. ... I was told, 'Aren't you aware who is behind all of this? Why would you help those people?"'

"Let's make this clear," said Stewart. "He was told he could not help the Special Olympics because the Kennedy's support the group. Now, I can understand throwing mentally disabled children under a bus if it were the Clintons. But the Kennedy's? It seems almost petty."

Stewart finally turned to the man nominated to replace Carmona, James W. Holsinger, author of the report "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality," issued by the Methodist Church in 1991. "Apparently, the surgeon general's report from 1991 was designed to let religious leaders know there was a scientific basis for their irrational discomfort around gay people," said Stewart.

He then showed Holsinger saying, "The paper does not represent where I am today" and commented mockingly, "I mean, come on, I was a kid, you know, experimenting with homophobia. I didn't stay with it."

The following video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast on July 17.