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Jon Stewart's nostalgic look at 'Karl Rove's Greatest Hits'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday August 22, 2007

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Jon Stewart did a follow-up story on Tuesday's Daily Show concerning the resignation of Karl Rove. "But before leaving for good -- and I use the term literally," Stewart began, "last week Rove went on his farewell tour to defend himself and his president."

Stewart then ran a clip of Fox host Chris Wallace saying, "Let's take a quick look at some of Karl Rove's greatest hits."

"Ooh, I just bought that on K-Tel!" Stewart exclaimed. "Karl Rove's Greatest Hits. Including 'John McCain's Black Baby,' 'Max Cleland the One-Limbed Pussy,' 'The Queers are Coming!' and, of course, 'Schiavo A Go Go.' No need to call now, your phones have already been tapped."

"No one could accuse Rove of being a one-scandal wonder," Stewart continued. "The man's back catalog is deep. I mean, who could forget the fired US Attorney scandal?"

"Why did you push to to fire some US Attorneys in the president's second term," Chris Wallace asked Rove on Fox News Sunday.

"Nice try, Chris," answered Rove."

"Oh, he's good," said Stewart, admiringly.

"Obviously foremost in Karl Rove's mind," Stewart concluded, "[is] serving his country, protecting national security. Which makes you wonder about that whole outing a CIA spy to journalists thing."

"I don't recall Mr. Cooper's conversation," Rove told Wallace in response to a question about him revealing to Matt Cooper of Time that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

"Once again the administration's memory herpes strikes," Stewart commented. "But a half hour later, Matt Cooper seemed to have a better memory for the conversation."

"I think he was dissembling, to put it charitably," Cooper told Meet the Press.

"To put it uncharitably -- ly-ing," noted Stewart. "He's a fib blossom, if you will."

The following video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast on August 21.