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Stewart: Justice officials are 'taking [a crap] inside my head!'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday May 25, 2007
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On Thursday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart skewered many of the evasions in Monica Goodling's Congressional testimony concerning the US attorney firings, ranging from her attempt to invoke the 5th Amendment despite having been given immunity to her seeming inability, despite being a lawyer herself, to say whether she had broken the law. "What am I supposed to be, some kind of law-knowing person?" mocked Stewart. He then compared Goodling's statements to those of Attorney General Gonzales, concluding, "They're both lying."

"So ultimately, this whole sordid affair boils down to who came up with the list of people to fire," Stewart said, and proceeded to show a series of clips of Goodling, Kyle Sampson, and Gonzales denying responsibility and contradicting each other and even themselves. "Listening to their testimony, it's like the entire Department of Justice is taking [a crap] inside my head!" agonized Stewart. "What are you doing? If it wasn't McNulty, Goodling, Sampson, Gonzales, or OJ, then this list must have... I know how this happened! This was a miracle virgin firing."

The following video was broadcast on The Daily Show on May 24.