Kucinich sets 5 PM for announcement of Articles of Impeachment against Cheney
Michael Roston
Published: Tuesday April 24, 2007
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Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has announced that he will hold a new conference on introducing Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Richard Cheney at 5 PM today. The announcement came after Kucinich delayed the move, originally scheduled for noon today, on account of the Vice President's hospital visit this morning.

"News reports this morning indicate the Vice President was experiencing a medical crisis. Until the Vice President's condition is clarified, I am placing any action on hold," the Congressman announced in a statement released to RAW STORY this morning.

The Vice President had apparently returned to the White House earlier after visiting the George Washington University Medical Center to have a blood clot in his leg examined. Latest reports from the White House stated that the Vice President's deep venous thrombosis had improved and he was resuming his normal schedule today at the White House.

Although the Vice President spent part of his morning at the hospital, he found time after Kucinich announced the delay to give a press conference at the US Senate strongly criticizing Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader, and his position on funding the Iraq War.

Congressman Kucinich, a former Mayor of Cleveland and currently seeking the Democratic nomination for President in 2008, had planned to hold a press conference at noon at the Cannon House Office Building. Kucinich's office has been tight-lipped about the particular charges he intends to array against the controversial Vice President, who according to a February Gallup Poll had a favorability rating of 37%.

The decision to lodge impeachment charges against the Vice President marked a new direction for Kucinich. Last year, he declined to support former Rep. Cynthia McKinney's (D-GA) impeachment charges against President George W. Bush, according to the Atlanta Progressive News. But after posting a video on his campaign website saying that he would consult voters as he campaigned around the country, the Congressman appears to have decided to move ahead with the impeachment charges against the Vice President.

The Congressman explained his rationale in the video.

"People are discussing it, not from the standpoint of their personal feelings towards Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney, but they're talking about it from the standpoint of 'Who are we as an American people? What are our standards? What is it that we expect from public officials? What should be the conduct of an individual who holds the office of President or Vice President?'" he said.

Kucinich's announcement today won't be the week's only impeachment-related proceedings. On April 28, activists all over the country are planning a day of actions to promote the impeachment of both President Bush and the Vice President. Additionally, during the weekend, Progressive Democrats will seek to pass an impeachment resolution at the California Democratic Convention, according to John Nichols at The Nation.