Craig: 'I know that cop, this officer was a profiler;' Being gay 'no great shame'
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Wednesday October 17, 2007
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Says he was victim of police profiling

The public spectacle surrounding Sen. Larry Craig's bathroom habits continued this week when the Idaho Republican sat down for an hourlong interview with NBC's Matt Lauer Tuesday night.

In excerpts played on Wednesday's Today Show, Craig repeated his steadfast denial that he stepped into a Minneapolis airport restroom stall looking to get frisky, and he sought sympathy as a victim of police profiling. He also said that although he did not condone gay activity, he didn't view it as anything to be ashamed of.

Police said Craig's actions -- peering into an officers stall, tapping his foot and reaching beneath a divider -- were identical to the secret choreography engaged in by men looking for anonymous sex.

"I now know that this cop, this officer, is a profiler," Craig said. "He said looking into a stall is part of it, and then a hand gesture or a foot tap is part of it. Now I know all about profiling. I know what people feel like when they're profiled, when innocent people get caught up in what I was caught in as an innocent person, it's very angering at times."

Lauer reminded Craig of his steadfast denials that he is gay, and asked if it was possible the senator is bisexual.

"It's no to both," Craig said.

"Do you view it (being gay) as something that would be awful to have to admit?" Lauer asked.

"I don't agree with the lifestyle and I've said so by my votes over the years, and by my expressions," Craig said. "Have i viewed it as awful? I've viewed it as a lifestyle I don't agree with."

Lauer pressed, asking if it would be a "great shame" for Craig to admit he's gay.

"I'm not sure I've ever looked at anyone else's sex life as great shame," Craig asserted.

The following video is from NBC's Today Show, broadcast on October 17, 2007.