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Blogger who first outed Craig says Craig's homosexuality has been known for years
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday August 30, 2007

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Mike Rogers of BlogActive appeared in a phone interview on Wednesday's Ed Schultz Show to discuss the Larry Craig scandal. Introduced by Schultz as "the number one gay blogger in America," Rogers recalled how he first outed Craig on Schultz's show last October.

"Do you feel vindicated at all?" asked Schultz. "You took a lot of heat when you came on this program and talked about it. I took a lot of heat for allowing you on the air."

"I feel completely vindicated," said Rogers, adding, "I don't go after elected officials because they decide to have sex with men. I go after elected officials because, like you, I'm so frustrated with the hypocrisy."

Schultz expressed astonishment at the complete lack of coverage of Craig's original arrest in June, when "a United States senator got arrested and it wasn't in the media."

"It's unbelievable," said Rogers. "If you read the unbelievably thorough piece in the Idaho Statesman, in which Dan Popkey interviewed over 300 people, you can see that this has just been sitting out there in the state of Idaho for many, many, many years."

When asked to comment on Craig's seeking sexual encounters in public men's rooms, Rogers explained, "What I think it points to in the case of someone like Senator Craig is the torment of the closet that, frankly, politicians in his position help to foster. So this behavior is normal among men who are psychologically in the position of being forced into the closet, to have this kind of self-hatred thing going on."

Rogers concluded by saying he hopes that Craig will run for re-election and will continue to serve as "an openly gay senator."

The following video is from C-SPAN, broadcast on August 29.