Moore: Caucus results are 'deafening' repudiation of war
Nick Juliano
Published: Friday January 4, 2008 |
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Says Clinton should have voted her conscience rather than her political 'calculator'

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore says Thursday's Iowa Caucus results demonstrate a "deafening" repudiation of the war in Iraq.

"If you're a candidate for President, and you voted for the war, you lose. And if you voted and voted and voted for the war -- and never once showed any remorse -- you really lose," Moore wrote in an open letter to supporters. "In short, if you had something to do with keeping us in this war for four-plus years, you are not allowed to be the next president of the United States."

Noting onetime-front runner Sen. Hillary Clinton's (D-NY) stunning drop to third place when a record number of Iowans showed up at caucuses around the state, Moore said the former first lady suffered because of her emphasis on political calculus.

"I can't tell you how bad I feel for Senator Clinton tonight. I don't believe she was ever really for this war," Moore wrote. "But she did -- and continued to do -- what she thought was the politically expedient thing to eventually get elected. And she was wrong. And tonight she must go to sleep wondering what would have happened if she had voted her conscience instead of her calculator."

Moore praised former-Sen. John Edwards' (D-NC) "surprise second" finish and his call for a complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Obama's victory represented an "historic moment," the filmmaker said, and a turning point in the political force available to young Americans.

"I know that Senator Obama [D-IL] is so much more than simply the color of his skin, but all of us must acknowledge -- and celebrate -- the fact that one of the whitest states in the U.S. just voted for a black man to be our next president," Moore wrote. "Thank you, Iowa, for this historic moment. Thank you for at least letting us believe that we are better than what we often seem to be. And to have so many young people come out and vote -- and vote for Obama -- this is a proud moment. It all began with the record youth turnout in 2004 -- the ONLY age group that Kerry won -- and they came back out tonight en force."

Among the top stories from Thursday night, in Moore's view, were the more than 230,000 Democrats who showed up to caucus -- nearly double the Democratic turnout from 2004 and more than twice the Republican turnout last night.

Moore warned Obama that Republicans would not go quietly if he prevailed to the general election, and he questioned the Illinois senator's commitment to universal healthcare.

"So Barack, you can talk all you want about "let's put the partisanship aside, let's all get along," but the other side has no intention of being anything but the bullies they are. Get your game face on now. And, if you can, tell me why you are now the second largest recipient of health industry payola after Hillary. You now take more money from the people committed to stopping universal health care than any of the Republican candidates," More wrote. "Despite what your answer may be, I was proud to sit in my living room tonight and see you and your family up on that stage. We became a bit better tonight, and on that I will close by saying, sweet dreams -- and on to that other totally white state of New Hampshire!"