Video: Murtha holds back tears during speech on Iraq bill
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Friday March 23, 2007
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Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) spoke passionately before the U.S. House voted today on the supplemental war budget that included a timeline to remove troops from Iraq by August 2008.

"This is a failed policy wrapped in illusion!" Murtha said of the Bush administration's Iraq strategy. "We don't have the troops, we don't have a strategic reserve to be able to react to a future national threat to this great country. The troops can only do so much!"

Near the end of his spirited address, Murtha recalled words from his great-grandmother. "She said, 'You're on this earth to make a difference.' We're gonna make a difference with this bill, we're gonna bring those troops home, we're gonna start changing the direction of this great country!" he exclaimed emotionally, before leaving the podium amid a standing ovation.

The bill would pass by a vote of 218-212 with President Bush vowing to veto it.