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NASA building evacuated after 'shots fired'
Published: Friday April 20, 2007
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The AP is now reporting that the gunman barricaded at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston has shot and killed himself as well as a female hostage. Another hostage has escaped with minor injuries.


A building at NASA's Johnson Space Center has been evacuated after reports of a man with a weapon, according to news sources.

Houston's Local 2 reports, based on police communications, that "shots were fired" at Building 44, but NASA has yet to confirm that. A SWAT team is also at the scene, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A NASA subcontractor with offices in the building, Jacobs Engineering, has stated that the gunman, who has been confined to one room, is an employee of theirs, Local 2 says.

It is not yet clear whether there have been any injuries. A nearby school was under precautionary lockdown but has now been reopened, according to Local 2.

Streaming coverage from Local 2 can be watched here.

The alert comes only days after a gunman shot and killed 32 students and staffers at Virginia Tech, and on the eighth anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.