NBC News: 'Has the vice president gone too far?'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Monday June 25, 2007
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NBC News reported on Monday that "Dick Cheney is back in a very uncomfortable place for him: the headlines." Both a Washington Post series on the vice president and Cheney's feud with the National Archives over his handling of classified information are drawing attention to his style of governing.

NBC called Cheney "a master of stealth, even inside the White House," describing how he put through his policy of holding detainees indefinitely without charges by handing his proposal to the president without the normal staff review. NBC also noted that "Cheney's influence turns out to be surprisingly wide-ranging," encompassing everything from cutting the capital gains tax to ending the ban on snowmobiles in national parks.

"Has the vice-president gone too far?" asked NBC, adding that "the National Archives thinks so," because Cheney alone in the executive branch has refused to file required reports or permit inspections of his office's handling of classified material. However, the NBC story did not make any mention of Cheney's having justified his refusal on the novel grounds that he is not a part of the executive branch.

The following video is from NBC's Today Show, broadcast on June 25.