New York Sun: Cheney for President in 2008
Josh Catone
Published: Thursday April 5, 2007
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Could Dick Cheney follow in the footsteps of the last two-term Republican vice president? At least one major New York City newspaper thinks so.

Among unannounced, potential 2008 presidential candidates "the one that who [sic] would bring the most to the race is Vice President Cheney," writes New York City's daily newspaper The Sun in an editorial.

In addition to having a "defender" on the campaign trail, says The Sun, Cheney offers attractive qualities as a candidate.

"He has foreign policy experience by virtue of having served as defense secretary, and he has economic policy experience, having served as a leading tax-cutter while a member of the House of Representatives," writes the newspaper.

The paper goes on to claim that Cheney's wife Lynn would be an asset to his campaign and that she would "make one of the greatest First Ladies in history."

"The vice president's stature would put him instantly into the first rank of contenders on the Republican side," continues the editorial. And were Cheney in the 2008 race already, "it's hard to imagine that the president's approval ratings would not be five or 10 points higher."

According to the most recent CBS News/New York Times Poll, Cheney's favorability rating stands at 18%, while Bush's stands quite a bit higher at 30%.

"On its message board, the editorial drew a mixed response, from 'I totally agree' to 'this is insane,' from 'Amen' to 'Last Throes.' One poster today asks, 'Was The Sun taken over by The Onion?'" reports Editor & Publisher about the editorial.