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Obama leads pack among Iowa likely caucus voters, though Clinton otherwise prevails
Published: Saturday September 29, 2007

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Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) may seem invincible in national polling numbers, but in Iowa, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is gaining steam.

According to a Newsweek poll Saturday, Clinton enjoys a six-point lead over Obama and a ten point lead over former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

"Among all Iowa Democratic voters, Clinton draws 31 percent, followed by Obama (25 percent) and Edwards (21 percent)," Newsweek writes. "But among likely caucus-goers, Obama enjoys a slim lead, polling 28 percent to best Clinton (24 percent) and Edwards (22 percent). Bill Richardson is the only other Democratic candidate to score in the double digits (10 percent)."

Among Iowa Republicans, erstwhile Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney trumps Giuliani, hard, pulling 24 percent to ex-senator Fred Thompson's 16 and Giuliani's 13.

Clinton, however has an edge in terms of strength of support, according to the poll: "A majority of her boosters (55 percent) say their support is “strong,” edging Obama (41 percent) and Edwards (37 percent). Neither Clinton’s gender nor Obama’s race seem to be a sticking point for Iowa Democrats; 94 percent of voters say they would be willing to vote for either a female candidate or a black candidate. But only two thirds think the country is ready to elect a woman (63 percent) or African-American (66 percent) president."

And Bill?

"Eight in 10 (79 percent) Democratic likely caucus-goers say it would be good for the country to have him back in the White House as First Gentleman (12 percent do not)."

Read the full poll here.