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Olbermann: Bush's true motive is 'War today, war tomorrow, war forever!'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday September 5, 2007

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Keith Olbermann offered a special comment on Tuesday's Countdown concerning President Bush's recent visit to a military base in Iraq, his suggestion that he might be able to start bringing some of the troops home, and the accidental revelation of his "true motive."

"He is back from his annual, surprise, gratuitous, photo op in Iraq, and what a sorry spectacle it was," said Olbermann. "But it was nothing compared to the spectacle of one unfiltered, unguarded, horrifying quotation in the new biography to which Mr. Bush has consented. ... Mr. Bush probably did not know that, with his own words, he had already been proved to be a liar."

Olbermann then quoted Bush's remark to author Robert Draper in interviews for the book Dead Certain: "I'm playing for October-November ... to get us in a position where the presidential candidates will become comfortable about sustaining a presence."

"Your goal is not to bring some troops home," proclaimed Olbermann. "You are, to use your own disrespectful, tone-deaf word, 'playing' at getting the next Republican nominee to agree to jump into this bottomless pit with you and take us into it with him."

"Everything you said about Iraq yesterday, and everything you will say, is a deception for the purpose of this one cynical, unacceptable brutal goal -- perpetuating this war indefinitely," continued Olbermann. "War today! War tomorrow! War forever! ... A man with any self-respect, having inadvertently revealed such an evil secret, would have already resigned and fled the country."

Olbermann then took up Bush's claim that he would make a decision about troop levels "based on a calm assessment by our military commanders ... not a nervous reaction by Washington politicians to poll results." That single phrase, said Olbermann, perfectly displays the president's "depraved indifference to democracy .. the craven projection of political motives onto to those trying to save lives and save a nation."

"But this president has ceased to listen," Olbermann concluded. "This president has decided that night is day, and death is life, and enraging the world against us is safety. And this laziest of presidents actually interrupted his precious time off to fly to Iraq to 'play' at a photo opportunity with soldiers, some of whom will -- on his orders -- be killed before the year, maybe before the month, is out."

The following video is from MSNBC's Countdown, broadcast on September 4.

A full transcript of Olbermann's special comment is available from MSNBC.