Alleged 'DC madam' client alludes to 'full service' in internet review
Ron Brynaert
Published: Tuesday May 1, 2007
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Internet discussion boards for clients of prostitutes provide an ongoing archive documenting the existence of "Pamela Martin Associates," the Washington, DC-escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the "DC Madam" who is now facing federal criminal charges.

A user identified as "Sailorboy" wrote a February 2000 review on a web discussion board that can still be accessed. He had visited with "Haley," an escort working for Pamela Martin, the fake name used by Palfrey as she ran her escort service from California.

"PM Assoc has good reputation, but I was disappointed twice on a recent trip," "Sailorboy" wrote, describing Palfrey's employee as "too talkative, too distant" in her attitude. But he added, "To be fair, I have to say she's had good reviews elsewhere, as has PMA generally."

Using an acronym that likely refers to "full service," the client said that he experienced "no joy" and paid $250 for his visit with "Haley." An online escort service glossary defines "FS" as "Full service. Vaginal intercourse to completion."

"She was pretty cold fish in terms of physical response," the alleged client wrote of his escort.

In contrast, another commenter named "DaBossTx" wrote that he "had a very pleasant experience" with the same escort. "While she does talk quite a bit, I found the conversation very stimulating," he wrote. "She does indeed have a PhD based on the level of our conversation. The extra 30 minutes beyond the industry norm allowed us time to talk and relax."

Palfrey has maintained in her public statements that she was running a "sexual fantasy" service, and that her "escorts" were prohibited from having sexual intercourse with clients of her company.

The release of Palfrey's client list to ABC News has already resulted in the resignation of one top Bush administration, Randall Tobias of the State Department. Tobias has admitted to using Palfrey's escort service to receive "massages" but insists that he did not have sex with her prostitutes. Earlier today, ABC's Brian Ross revealed that the "head of a conservative thinktank" was included among her record of clients, and that many key clients will be revealed in a 20/20 broadcast on Friday.

ABC News today published excerpts from Palfrey's newsletter to her "escorts."

"Without being overtly vulgar, a pair of tits and an ass, without accompanying brains, sophistication, LOOKS and carriage, just won't cut it in this business or at least, not with this particular agency!!" she wrote in one such newsletter, which was noted at ABC's investigative news blog The Blotter.

Palfrey also urged her employees to work hard at their roles.

"They are 'damned fools' if they think they can go on calls, 'collect the $200 and "just talk,"'" ABC quoted Palfrey as writing.

"We do not sell social appointments, but adult fantasy ones here at Pamela Martin. Anyone who believes otherwise, will find themselves unemployed," she also wrote in the newsletter.

Another screenshot of "Sailboy's" review follows.

(Editor's note: Headline and article incorrectly referred to "FS" as alluding to "full sex" instead of "full service")