Protesters demand impeachment as President Bush speaks at Miami-Dade College
Larisa Alexandrovna
Published: Saturday April 28, 2007
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Miami - Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Kendell Miami-Dade College campus where President George W. Bush spoke on Saturday afternoon. Roughly 200 protesters were clustered near temporary fences and an estimated 600 altogether spent the better part of the afternoon marching and holding signs alongside a main road near the college campus.

The protesters were commemorating "National Impeachment Day" with a peaceful march while Miami police looked on. The president was escorted in and out of the campus through an entrance on the far side of the campus, where he could not see the protests. Two pro-Bush supporters rode their bicycles in front of the protesters screaming "Commies," but by and large, the rally drew few administration supporters.

National Impeachment Day was organized by a large coalition of center and left of center groups, including A28,, and Progressive Democrats for America. The protesters, however, did not focus only on the topic of impeachment, but also on reasons for impeachment, carrying signs such as "Out of Iraq" and "No blood for oil."

Among the protesters were Miami-Dade students and some faculty. The protest in Miami was but one of many across the nation, with protesters gathering in nearly every state, as well as Puerto Rico. (See map provided by A28.)