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Psychic's terror attack forecast triggers security steps in Prague
dpa German Press Agency
Published: Thursday February 15, 2007

Prague- A psychic's call to the police prompted tighter
security measures at the Prague Ruzyne international airport on
Wednesday, it was revealed on Thursday.
"You can become a laughing stock for what you do," Jan Subert, the
counter-intelligence spokesman, told Deutsche Presse Agentur dpa.
"But it is always better than graves at a cemetery."

Following a warning from a fortune teller who gave her name and
address, Czech immigration police in charge of security at the
airport dispatched an armoured vehicle and tripled its forces both on
the tarmac and inside the terminals.

TV Nova, a Czech private broadcaster whose evening news programme
has highest ratings in the country, dramatically informed about the
warning, while failing to mention its origin.

In response to reporters' queries, Subert said that the warning
about a potential terrorist attack had come from a psychic.

"She forecast that some of the planes at Ruzyne would be attacked
tonight," the Thursday edition of the Mlada fronta Dnes daily quoted
him as saying. "She also provided further details about the types of
machines that should have been attacked."

The police are continuing to investigate the warning, police
spokesman Pavel Hantak said.

While the security measures were reduced Thursday, more police
officers than usual were still patrolling the airport, said Nela
Gajduskova, spokeswoman for the foreigner police. She said that the
immigrant police had "never encountered such case in the past."

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