Reid: Gonzales leaving 'one way or the other'
Published: Friday March 23, 2007
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will leave his post within a month "one way or the other," according to a Bloomberg report.

Reid made the comments during an interview on Bloomberg TV's Political Capital with Al Hunt.

Reid also added that he is open to a compromise on the testimony of White House officials in which some would be allowed to testify without being under oath, as long as White House adviser Karl Rove was not a part of the compromise.

"Certainly, Karl Rove, with his resume, would have to be under oath," Reid was quoted as saying. "He simply in my opinion, and I think the majority of the American people, is not trustworthy."

Reid added, "This is a scandal and the American people are interested in the truth, and that's always a little hard to come by, especially when you have Karl Rove involved in the scenario."