Report warns climate change 'could mean war'
David Edwards
Published: Friday April 6, 2007
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Reporter Julian Rush of Britain's Channel 4 News details a new report which "warns that climate change could provoke border conflicts and social collapse."

Some scientists believe the world's future desert conditions have already started in Konya Plain of Turkey, in the country's breadbasket. Rush talks with a Turkish environmental activist who says, "I now believe, in 20 years, there will be a new war in this region. It won't break out because of ethic differences. The war will simply be caused by water."

Adds Rush, "The idea that climate change might bring violence and bloodshed in its wake is beginning to be taken seriously in some unusual quarters" in Britain. "[M]ilitary planners are actively looking around the world for climate hot spots, places where British troops may have to be deployed in the future, either to bring aid or to keep the peace after climate conflict."