Rice appears to reject Waxman's subpoena
Michael Roston
Published: Thursday April 26, 2007
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Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Norway on Thursday appears to have rejected Rep. Henry Waxman's (D-CA) subpoena compelling her to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the intelligence used to build the case for the Iraq war, according to the Associated Press.

At a press briefing in Oslo, according to the AP's Matthew Lee, Rice took the opportunity to state directly for the first time that she didn't see her testimony as necessary.

"I think I have more than answered these questions, and answered them directly to Congressman Waxman," she told reporters.

The Secretary of State also invoked executive privilege as a reason for not testifying.

"This all took place in my role as national security adviser," Rice noted. "There is a constitutional principle. There is a separation of powers and advisers to the president under that constitutional principle are not generally required to go and testify in Congress."

Yet she dodged an outright rejection, according to Lee.

"Rice declined to respond when asked if she would absolutely refuse to testify under subpoena," he wrote. "Her spokesman, Sean McCormack, said later that no final decision had been made about Rice appearing before the committee."

Meanwhile, Rice suggested she would send another letter to the Rep. Waxman on his inquiries about the faulty Iraq-Niger evidence used before the invasion of Iraq.

"I am more than happy to answer them again in a letter," she said.

Waxman had earlier remarked there was no use in exchanging any more letters. Yesterday, he said at the committee hearing which issued the subpoena that he had hit "a brick wall."

The full AP article can be accessed at this link.