Never mind the polls, Paul may have Sex Pistols endorsement
Mike Aivaz and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday November 1, 2007
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When Jay Leno's interview of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on the Tonight Show was immediately followed by classic punk-rocker Johnny Rotten performing his song "Anarchy in the U.K." with the Sex Pistols, both men appeared to recognize a common bond.

According to libertarian blogger Todd Seavey:

"But what made the broadcast magic and Leno himself noted it was fitting was the Sex Pistols singing 'Anarchy in the UK' right after the Paul interview, with Johnny Rotten, after singing 'I want to be in anarchy,' adding a characteristically menacing but implicitly supportive 'Hello, Mr. Paul.'

"And, as Id hoped, the two of them shook hands just as the show ended. Since theyd implicitly bonded during the song, the moment avoided being awkward in the fashion of that famous Elvis-meets-Nixon handshake photo, which The Weekly Standard rightly put on its cover a decade ago to accompany an article on the idea that rock and conservatism, all wishful thinking aside, do not naturally mix."

"I am an antichrist, I am an anarchist, don't know what I want but I know how to get it," Rotten's lyrics went. Paul himself, although hardly an anarchist, has become known for his anti-government views, and he received cheers when he suggested at one of his rallies earlier this year that "there may even be an anarchist or two" in attendance.

Paul had previously told Leno, "I would save billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining our empire around the world, and I'd bring our troops home and have enough money to cut our deficit. ... It was a mistake to go in[to Iraq]. ... Our national defense is in shambles. ... I don't think we're safer at all. ... Just bring the weapons home. We can defend this country. Nobody's going to touch us militarily. ... Our greatest threat is a threat to our civil liberties here at home."

The following video is from NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, broadcast on October 30, 2007

The following video is from NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, broadcast on October 30, 2007