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Secret document airs 'Terror Spectacular' fears
Published: Sunday July 1, 2007
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"A secret U.S. law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, warns that al Qaeda is planning a terror 'spectacular' this summer, according to a senior official with access to the document," ABC News reported Sunday on a blog.

A senior official with the Department of Homeland Security told ABC News that the document bears eerie resemblance to intelligence released in 2001 shortly before 9/11.

According to ABC, "U.S. officials have kept the information secret, and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said today on ABC News' 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' that the United States did not have 'have any specific credible evidence that there's an attack focused on the United States at this point.'"

ABC reported Friday that US officials had received intelligence warning of an attack on Glasgow against "airport infrastructure and aircraft," which appears to have been right.

The entire story can be read here.