Senator Dodd to introduce 'Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007'; Bans torture, restores habeas corpus
Published: Monday February 12, 2007
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Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) will introduce a bill called the "Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007" tomorrow, according to a website his presidential campaign put up today.

The bill will overturn parts of the "Military Commissions Act," signed into law last October, which suspends habeas corpus for "alien enemy combatants."

"I want to see us get back as a nation that supports the rule of law," said Dodd in an Internet video introducing the legislation. "That was our tradition, by and large, over the last fifty years ... and we've watched this administration retreat from those standards, and as a result I think the world is a more dangerous place today because we're unwilling to stand up for the rule of law."

According to the blog Blue Jersey, New Jersey Democratic senator Robert Menendez, who voted for the Military Commissions Act, will co-sponsor the bill.

A video of Dodd talking about the bill is below. The name of the bill has apparently changed since the video was created.