Senator's sexy bathroom stall 'flush' with tourists
John Byrne
Published: Monday September 17, 2007

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A spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport told the Associated Press in a little-noticed article Monday visitors are asking where Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) was arrested for soliciting an undercover male police officer.

"It's become a tourist attraction," spokeswoman Karen Evans said in a brief that ran in the Chicago Sun-Times. "People are taking pictures."

The brief's headline? "Site of sex sting flush with tourists."

Craig, who was arrested June 11 for "lewd conduct" after soliciting an undercover police officer and ducked the media radar until a copy of the arrest document surfaced in Roll Call in August, said he would resign his seat, changed his mind, and then said he would likely resign his seat again.

Remarked AP, "When tourists ask for the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport lately, it's usually not because they have to go."

Craig has since said his guilty plea in the matter was a mistake and is fighting to have it reversed. He disputes contention that he is gay.

"Let me be clear: I am not gay," he told reporters in an Idaho press conference. "I never have been gay."