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Stewart blasts media for non-stop Imus 'Gaffe-Fest'
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Wednesday April 11, 2007
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With a backdrop showing the face of Don Imus and "GAFFE-FEST '07" emblazoned on it, Jon Stewart took a snarky Daily Show swipe at media obsession over shock jock Imus' controversial remark last week.

In the video clip below, Stewart barks, "Turning to our top story tonight: A guy on the radio said something shitty!" He shows Imus making the "nappy-headed hos" comment, then shows a montage of various news figures repeating the phrase, ending with one on Fox News saying "nappy-headed whores." "I believe that last gentleman didn't have his facts correct," quips Stewart.

Larry Wilmore, "senior black correspondent" for the Daily Show, chimes in, "The real victims here are the white players on the team, the nap-less, smooth-headed players, if you will."