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Stewart: If there was a bull in china shop, Cheney would blame the china

David Edwards
Published: Friday January 26, 2007
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Vice President Dick Cheney’s appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer earned the ire of Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Cheney’s segment, coming just one day after the State of the Union Address, was supposed to tackle many of the issues President Bush raised in Tuesday's speech concerning the war in Iraq – including mistakes the administration made in its conduct.

At one point in the CNN interview, Cheney suggested that the administration had underestimated the extent to which Saddam’s rule had “hammered” the Shi’a population into submissiveness.

Stewart, in response, noted sardonically, "If by submissiveness you mean war-like vindictiveness!"

Later Stewart hammered Cheney for calling Blitzer’s question about Mary Cheney’s pregnancy “out of line”.

“How dare you apply my party’s cruel and inhumane policies to my family!” chided Stewart.

"I get the sense if there was a bull in the china shop," Stewart mocked," Cheney would blame the china."

The entire segment appears below.