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Texas 'pig races' held to keep away Muslims, mosque

Published: Tuesday January 9, 2007
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The small Texas town of Katy is divided as Muslims living in the hamlet attempt to build a new, larger mosque for worshipers over the objection of other town residents. While some people living in the town worry about "too much commercial development," others are more forthright in expressing their fear of Islam and terrorism. One resident warns that a terrorist 'faction' could infiltrate the existing Muslim community of Katy. And the neighbor of the mosque site begins holding Friday pig races on his property to make his Muslim neighbors uncomfortable.

When a CNN International reporter asks him if he was trying to be offensive with the pig races, he responds, "Probably."

The video clip can be viewed below.

(Editor's Note: Original title of this article was incorrectly worded, and wasn't intended to suggest that the whole town supported the races)