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Tom DeLay: 'Rove will be more powerful than ever'
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Tuesday August 14, 2007

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Former Rep. Tom DeLay warned Tuesday that Democrats shouldn't be so quick to rejoice about Karl Rove's resignation because the revered and reviled political strategist isn't going to shrink back into the shadows.

"He's not dying. ... He's not just going to go away; he'll still be around," DeLay said in an interview of Fox News Tuesday morning. "In fact, I think he'll be more powerful than ever, because he'll be involved in a lot of campaigns, I'm sure. He'll be an adviser to a lot of sitting elected officials. He'll be bigger than ever."

DeLay resigned last year after being indicted by a Texas grand jury on campaign finance related charges and, separately, being outed as a close associate to corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Asked what Rove's intentions are related to next year's presidential election, DeLay predicted the architect of Bush's successful White House runs fielded "at least nine or 10 calls yesterday" from this year's slate of Republican hopefuls.

"If they want his advice, he'll give all nine of them his advice," DeLay predicted. "I know he'll be a major player ... particularly in 08 and beyond."

DeLay predicted Rove would continue his quest for a permanent Republican majority.

"The Democrats are lamenting his going because they think they're losing a target," DeLay said. "But I guarantee you he'll be their worst nightmare."

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on August 14.