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Top military Republican to introduce own anti-surge resolution

John Byrne
Published: Monday January 22, 2007
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The ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner, (R-VA) will introduce a resolution later this afternoon asserting that sending more troops to Iraq is a mistake, RAW STORY has learned.

Warner will be joined by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. The measure will be softer than one proposed by Democrats, but calls on Bush to keep US troops out of any sectarian fighting in Iraq.

The Warner resolution, sources say, will echo the plan put forth by the Iraq Study Group, a plan which Bush rebuffed.

Update: According to CNN, Senator Warner stated at a press conference today that the senators were "accepting the president's offer" to present an alternative plan for Iraq. "We say, 'Mr. President, go back and look at all the options,' " Warner stated.

CNN has made the full text of the resolution available in PDF form.