Tucker Carlson: Ann Coulter referred to me as gay once, but I didn't cry about it
David Edwards and Josh Catone
Published: Monday March 5, 2007
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MSNBC pundit Tucker Carlson, who hosts his own show on the network, has claimed that conservative columnist Ann Coulter once called him gay.

"She called me one, too!" Carlson said, referring to Coulter's use of the word "faggot" to describe presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC).

"In 2002, I checked the date," Carlson said, "it was exactly one month after my fourth child was born, and she implied I was gay in an interview with the New York Observer."

Actually, in the 2002 interview, Coulter referred to Carlson and his fellow hosts on the since-cancelled Crossfire show on CNN as "pathetic little girly-boys" and "anti-sexy," but didn't employ the "other f-word" or speculate about anyone's sexual identity.

On Monday's Situation Room, Carlson directed his own underhanded sleight toward Edwards, by characterizing the Democratic presidential contender's response after being picked on by Coulter as playing the "victim card" or even crying.

"Unlike John Edwards I'm not pretending I was a victim, or that I'd been slurred, or I didn't cry after she called me that," Carlson said.

Pat Buchanan, one of the guests on the program, went on to describe Coulter as "courageous," although both Buchanan and Carlson said her remarks toward Edwards were a mistake.

"Let me speak up for Ann," Buchanan said, "I do think she's a very, very courageous individual ... but sometimes she goes over the line there's no doubt about it."

Carlson agrees with Buchanan, "She makes smart points, she's courageous, she's actually a very talented writer." But, he continues, Coulter discredits herself when she goes over the line and makes derogatory comments.

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A video clip of the segment is below: