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US officials fear 'imminent' attack on Americans in Germany, though some express skepticism
Published: Friday May 11, 2007
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CNN BREAKING NEWS / RUSH TRANSCRIPT: "Terrorists have been discovered in the advanced planning stages of an attack in Germany on US personnel, military personnel, and/or tourists," CNN reported live on air Friday afternoon.

A CNN anchor said they were able to confirm the information with "senior federal officials," though acknowledging that "other intelligence officials said that this threat lacked a little 'in specifics in terms of timing.'"

ABC News has a special photo gallery on the terror threat.

"Officials said that there has been operation planning going on about this for some time," CNN said. "They are not sure that all the people or everything they needed to conduct this operation were in place.

"The US State Dept. sent a message Apr. 20 warning on Germany," CNN said.

ABC News reported on the threat earlier this week and has posted an update today here. When reporting earlier this week, RAW STORY led with ABC's report; ABC also used the headline "imminent."

"The information behind the threat is very real," a senior U.S. official told ABC.

German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble told reporters, "The danger level is high. We are part of the global threat by Islamist terrorism."