Underreported: Sen. Coleman injured 'dumpster diving'

Published: Monday January 29, 2007
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"Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) returned to Capitol Hill this week with a prominent gash on his forehead after he was knocked nearly unconscious back home in St. Paul while -- of all things -- dumpster diving," the Washington Post's Mary Ann Akers reported Friday afternoon in an almost unnoticed item.

Coleman told Akers he was "looking for something that my wife accidentally threw in the dumpster."

Akers said she saw him I saw him last Tuesday night in Statuary Hall following President Bush's State of the Union. She asked, "Senator, how did you get that big cut on your forehead?"

"I was digging in the dumpster," he said.

Adds Akers, "He was vague about what exactly whacked him in the head. (His office explained later that it was 'a piece of wood.') But whatever it was, the impact was so hard that he 'saw stars.'"

"I did get the lamp," Coleman added, Akers reported, pumping his fists, giving the universal symbol for, "I'm a big tough man and my woman digs it."