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Cheney impeachment bill gets another co-sponsor
Nick Juliano
Published: Friday May 11, 2007
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Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) uphill battle to evict the Vice President from the White House has attracted another sponsor in the House, bringing to four the number of Congressmembers who have signed on to a bill aimed at impeaching Dick Cheney.

Rep. Albert R. Wynn (D-MD) has signed on as the latest cosponsor to Kucinich's impeachment letter. A Kucininch aide confirmed Wynn's addition as co-sponsor in an interview with RAW STORY Friday but said the congressman was not commenting on the impeachment bill at this time.

"Vice President Dick Cheney is the architect of the Administration's deception about the war," Wynn said in a statement to RAW STORY. "Cheney persistently and deliberately deceived the Congress and the American people about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the alleged link between Saddam Hussein and the attack on September 11th."

Wynn's addition as cosponsor was first reported by Atlanta Progressive News. The other cosponsors of the legislation are Reps. Janice Schakowsky, D-Il., and William Lacy Clay, D-Mo.

Kucinich, who is renewing his quixotic bid for the White House this year, introduced articles of impeachment against Cheney last month because, he said, the vice president was "a driving force for taking us into war against Iraq under false pretenses," as RAW STORY reported.

"There should be a serious dialogue about the conduct of this Administration," Wynn said. "Cheney should be held accountable for purposely misleading the American people. Despite the obvious lack of success on the ground, Vice President Cheney continued a barrage of propaganda claiming that we were winning the war and successfully rebuilding Iraq which is patently false."

The move appears to be almost entirely symbolic, and there is little chance Congress will actually consider impeaching Cheney. The bill falls under the purview of the House Judiciary Committee, which has not placed impeachment proceedings on its agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had said before the 2006 elections that impeachment would be off the table in a Democratic Congress.