'Shocking' video: Shi'a Iraqi soldiers beat Sunnis as US trainers watch

David Edwards
Published: Thursday January 25, 2007
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Dramatic footage of mostly Shi'a Iraqi soldiers delivering a "brutal beating" to several local Sunnis has been obtained by a British public-service television station.

US soldiers assigned to train the Iraqi troops look on as the Iraqi soldiers push the beaten men into the rear compartment of an armored vehicle.

"It is a shocking insight into the sectarian violence that is tearing Baghdad apart," Jonathan Miller reports for Channel Four. "Two journalists embedded with the First Cavalry division witnessed suspected insurgents being viciously beaten and abused."

According to Channel Four, American troops then threatened the journalists and held them under armed guard while attempting to "seize their footage."

"US Army commander Lieutenant Colonel Dale C. Kuehl told Channel 4 News he had taken administrative action to include suspending the platoon sergeant," Channel Four reports.

A clip from Channel Four's report can be watched below: