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Virginia Tech killer identified - Cho Seung-Hui, 23
Michael Roston
Published: Tuesday April 17, 2007
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Police identified the suspect who yesterday shot and killed 32 students, faculty, and staff at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year old senior who was a national of South Korea. Cho took his own life after carrying out his attacks, now called the worst mass shooting in US history by a single gunman.

He was identified by Virginia Tech police chief Wendell Flinchum. He added that there appeared to be no link between last week's bomb threats and Cho's alleged actions.

ABC News said of the killer:

Cho's identitiy has been confirmed with a positive fingerprint match on the guns used in the rampage and with immigration materials. It is believed that he was the shooter in both incidents yesterday. Sources say Cho was carrying a backpack that contained receipts for a March purchase of a Glock 9 mm pistol, sources said. Witnesses had also told authorities that the shooter was carrying a backpack. Sections of chain similar to those used to lock the main doors at Norris Hall, the site of the second shooting that left 31 dead, were found inside a Virginia Tech dormitory, sources confirmed to ABC News.

The university's associate vice president for university relations, Larry Hincker, said he was a resident alien.

Another law enforcement officer at the press conference at the university continued to maintain that they could not yet confirm that the same killer had been involved in the shootings at Norris Hall, the academic building where 30 were murdered, and West Amber Johnston, the dormitory where two students were killed. However, he said it was "reasonable" to assume that Cho was the killer in both cases.

Virignia Tech President Charles Steger said that Norris Hall would be closed for the remainder of the semester.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "Cho also died with the words 'Ismail Ax' in red ink on one of his arms."

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that Cho had a tattoo, as opposed to just red ink, and that the words were written as 'Ismale Ax.'

"Cho reloaded several times, using 15-round magazines for the Glock and 10-round magazines for the Walther, investigators said, adding that he had the cryptic words 'Ismale Ax' tattooed on one arm," Ian Shapira and Michael E. Ruane reported for the paper. "Although there are many theories, sources said, no one knows what it means."