Second madam comes forward to 'defend' GOP senator, saying he paid call girls $300/hour
Published: Wednesday July 11, 2007
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David Vitter, R-Louisiana, has allegedly used the services of a well known DC Madam in New Orleans, reports CNN. Jeanette Maier, known as the Canal Street madam of New Orleans. She says she knew Vitter to be one of the "nicest and most honorable men that I ever met."

Vitter has recently admitted using the services of the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine claims that Vitter exposed himself after Flynt's magazine asked him to explain why his phone number repeatedly appeared on the DC Madam's phone records.

Larry Flynt is scheduled to have a press conference at 5 PM ET today. Flynt promises to release more details of the Vitter scandal.

The following video is from CNN's American Morning and Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on July 11.