Off-the-record, White House senior aides excoriate Gonzales testimony
David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Thursday April 19, 2007
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CNN reported on the official and 'unofficial' reaction at the White House concerning the Attorney General's day-long testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his handling of the firing of eight US attorneys. While the "official reaction" was supportive, with a White House spokesman lauding Alberto Gonzales for an "excellent job," the comments off-the-record from White House aides and Republican insiders paint a far different picture.

According to multiple sources, CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux said, "Gonzales is in trouble."

Malveaux claimed that two senior White House aides said that the Attorney General was "going down in flames" and "not doing himself any favors."

"One prominent Republican describing the testimony this way," Malveaux continued, "as 'clubbing a baby seal.'"

One source said he didn't "understand the tactic" being employed by Gonzales, but according to CNN, the White House is going to wait and see what members of Congress and the American public will have to say about the Attorney General's testimony today, and hasn't come to any decisions regarding his future, as of yet.

The following video is from CNN: