ABC: Three of four Palin friends won't commit to voting for her
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday September 9, 2008

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In the short period since she was announced as John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin's personal attitudes and beliefs have remained something of a mystery. In search of insights, ABC News sent Lisa Fletcher to Wasilla, Alaska to speak to "the women who know her best."

Fletcher interviewed four of Palin's closest friends, members of a group who jokingly call themselves "the Elite Six." The six women, including Palin, met 15 years ago at an aerobics class and started getting together after class as well.

When asked to reveal something about Palin that no one knows, one woman offered, "She doesn't care for cats very much," and another chimed in, "Oh, yes, she's afraid of my cat." A third added, "She lives off of caffeine and chocolate."

When asked what the American public really needs to know about Palin, one asserted, "She's honest as the day is long, and that is a unique personality trait for a politician these days." Palin's honesty has come into question this past week, in light of her claims to have opposed the "bridge to nowhere."

Although the women told Fletcher that they didn't discuss politics much among themselves, one did venture that there were certain things Palin had done as governor that she didn't agree with, including "the polar bear issue." Palin has sued the federal government to stop the listing of polar bears as an endangered species.

"Is it possible to be pro-choice and vote for Sarah Palin?" Fletcher asked.

A couple of the women responded that they were pro-choice, with the one who seemed to have the most doubts about Palin explaining, "I can't necessarily say who I'm going to vote for. ... I haven't made up my mind yet. ... I don't agree with everything Sarah says. ... I haven't committed to voting for anybody."

Another added, "I have never voted for a Republican for presidential and this may be the first time. ... I'm real excited to see the debates and make up my mind -- but I'm not committed."

Just one of the women said outright that she was voting for McCain because once he selected Palin, "I knew that she would help our nation go forward."

The fourth woman, the one who had described Palin as honest, declined to answer, saying, "My vote is very personal, and it's between me and the voting booth ... but I love Sarah to pieces."

This video is from ABC's Good Morning America, broadcast September 8, 2008.

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