Ads pushing Iran strike show Denver under missile attack from Boulder
John Byrne
Published: Friday August 29, 2008

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A nonprofit lobbying organization aimed at strengthening Israel's image in the media quietly ran ads during the Democratic National Convention in which Boulder, Colorado launches missile attacks on Denver, in an attempt to bolster support for Israeli action against Iran.

Today, The Israel Project released a survey showing that 63 percent of Americans support an Israeli "surgical" strike on Iran's purported nuclear facilities, with 55 percent supporting America's participation in such a strike. The poll, however, did not note the organization's effort to lobby those being polled.

The Boulder attack ad shows a map of Denver being hit by flaming missiles, then an image of Israel being hit by the same weapons. It then displays an image of Iran, followed by ominous missile launches, a photograph of a man with a black hood over his face, Iran's president, and a silhouetted traveler with a suitcase.

"The Time for World Leaders to Act Is Now," it concludes.

The group is also running ads during the Republican National Convention tying US support for Israel to lessening America's reliance on "Mid-East oil."

Video of an Israeli man getting into a car runs next to an American boarding a similar vehicle. The frames follow with the line, "Developing Solar, Wind & Electric Car Technology."

Both ads appear below. They are slated to run on cable news networks 1,300 times during the two conventions.

Israel remains the top recipient of US foreign aid. In February, President Bush requested Congress approve an aid budget of $20 billion, a 12 percent increase over 2007. Egypt is the second largest recipient, at about $1.5 billion. Israel has plowed US money into developing technology companies and buying US weapons, and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing players in the security and defense technology industry.

According to their website, "The Israel Project (TIP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. that works to strengthen Israel's image in the media. TIP is currently working in the United States, Europe and Israel."

The poll cites "a growing concern in the US of the possibility that Iran would be able to possess actual nuclear capabilities: About 87% of those polled said a nuclear Iran will pose a threat to the US and 96% believe it would be of imminent threat to Israel," YNet News writes.

90 percent of those surveyed by the project's poll said Iran would sell its nuclear weapons if it obtained them.

62 percent, however, "said they believed the world can still find a "diplomatic solution which would make Iran halt its nuclear endeavors."

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