Sources: Bloomberg to flip on term limits view to stay in office
Nick Cargo
Published: Tuesday September 30, 2008

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A historical enemy of term limits will announce on Thursday that he has changed his stripes in an effort to keep himself in office, the New York Times reported.

Three people, who said they were told of his plans, said that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 66, will attempt to change the city's 15-year-old term limits law in order to remain in office in 2009. Two thirds of the City Council is set to be ejected at the same time, and a Times survey and interviews indicate that support for an amendment to the law is strong among council members.

Billionaire and Wall Street veteran Bloomberg, historically in support of the law and who once called efforts to revise it "disgusting," will argue that the city needs him to remain in office, amid the crisis in the financial markets, to benefit from his "steady hand" and "proven business acumen." While the move has reportedly received support from News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch and investor Steve Rattner, Bloomberg has been strongly advised against seeking a third term by top aides Edward Skyler, Patricia E. Harris and Kevin Sheekey, who have said according to sources that it could be interpreted as an "end run around voters."

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