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Blogs mock 'Hookers and Blow' party at RNC
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday September 2, 2008

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Despite John McCain's request over the weekend that the Republican convention be toned down in light of the threat posed by Hurricane Gustav, Republican delegates and their lobbyist friends continued to party the night away -- and Democratic bloggers were delighted by the spectacle.

ABC correspondent Brian Ross reported on several of the more flamboyant revels, including one Saturday night GOP party in honor of the convention president where pink spotlights, pink boas, and pink wigs were the order of the day. When Ross tried to corner Republican officials and ask them about the appropriateness of partying as Hurricane Gustav threatened New Orleans, they either fled, hid behind their pink boas, or simply shrugged and said, "Everybody goes through hard times."

Even after John McCain announced that the convention was being toned down, the National Rifle Association, Lockheed Martin, and the American Trucking Associations sponsored a Sunday night party at a downtown bar -- with a band called "Hookers and Blow" -- hosted by former Tom DeLay aide Glenn LeMunyon.

GOP House Deputy Whip Bill Shuster was there at a table of lobbyists and Capitol Hill staffers and told Ross, "I have no hesitation" about coming to the party, adding that the lobbyist he was sitting with "is a friend of mine, I've known him for twenty years." Despite the glitz, concluded Ross, "this was all about business -- the behind-the-scenes business of influence and power."

Democratic blogs have not been shy about ripping the GOP for its indulgences. Although many merely posted the ABC video with such brief comments as "Thank you, Republicans, for just handing the Democrats the election" or "You get the feeling nobody in GOP politics really gives a damn about McCain," a few were more scathing.

One blog headlined the video, "McCain asks for 'only absolutely essential business' at the convention. Delegates decide parties are absolutely essential."

FireDogLake wrote that "given McCain's selection of the scandal-beset Sarah Palin for Vice President, the last thing his campaign wanted was the image of a heartless, indifferent group of blindingly white people dancing the night away while the South struggled with yet another natural disaster. So the McCain campaign handed down a stern edict: 'No celebrating!' This is what they got instead."

Finally, one blog suggested more tartly, "Some raised money, but the fundraising activities of others were most decidedly not directed at disaster relief. Unless, of course, you’re referring to the loss of Republican Power in America."

The full ABC story is available here.

This video is from ABC's World News, broadcast September 1, 2008.

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