McClellan: Bush insiders planning to 'spin an alternative reality'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday April 15, 2009

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Former President George W. Bush has been holding a reunion of his "old gang" in Texas this week to make plans for his presidential library and policy institute.

According to Scott McClellan, one-time Bush White House press secretary, those plans can be expected to center on attempting to spin the history of the Bush administration rather than addressing it honesty.

"This gathering in Dallas is really the first meeting of the Bush legacy-shaping group," McClellan told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Tuesday, "which happens to include the core members of the White House Iraq Group. And I think some of their thinking is still grounded in the mentality that was used to sell the war in Iraq in the first place."

As described by McClellan in his book, What Happened, the White House Iraq Group was "set up in the summer of 2002 to coordinate the marketing of the war to the public" and "to convince Americans that war with Iraq was inevitable and necessary."

"There's more of a focus on trying to create, or spin, an alternative reality," McClellan told Olbermann, "than coming to grips with the reality of where things went wrong and how this administration went off course."

"The only way he can actually shape his legacy for the better is to begin by addressing those issues," McClellan emphasized, "the controversial decisions that he made, whether it was Iraq or Katrina or the economic crisis that unfolded on his watch. The only way he can shape his legacy for the better is to accept responsibility for those mistakes and those management failures."

This video is from MSNBC's Countdown, broadcast Apr. 14, 2009.

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